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Lake Constance! 

Refreshing. Romantic. Open 365 days per year.
Lake Constance, within sight of the Alps and in the heart of Europe – a destination for people with dreams. Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Principality of Liechtenstein – the cultural gems of four different countries rub shoulders with each other here. Visitors can enjoy the individual specialities of each part of the Lake Constance region. Romantic landscapes with the lake and the mountains form the magnificent backdrop for a holiday full of intriguing discoveries like historic towns and villages, castles and parks.

Flower Power

Spring feelings all around: any kind of winterblues will be gone while walking through a sea of blossom in four countries region. Enjoy a breathtaking view on Lake Constance's rooftop and feel the warm shafts of sunlight breaking through this season.

Going for a spiritual walk

It doesn't have to be the Road to Santiago: pilgrim's and philosophical ways invite right before Easter to focus on the important things. Old thoughts can get pulled away from the mind like clouds with every taken step.


Close to nature!

Awesome smelling forrests, spectacular mountain peaks, green grapevines and quiet lakes: These hiking, cycle, snowshoeing and canoe tours are leading you right in the middle of nature in Four-Country Region where bustle and everyday grind is far away.


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